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Roger Salmon.
Roger Salmon.

Have you ever forgotten to give your pet its medication or routine healthcare treatment?

The user friendly and free MyVetProgram app from Elanco will help you remember.

MyVetProgram will remind you on the day that treatments are due. Plus it will also provide reminders ahead of treatment days giving you time to buy any necessary treatment or arrange an appointment with your vet.

All you need to do is fill in your pets details and include a picture and even record a sound if you wish. You then add any medication that they need when you set up a reminder.

You can have more than one pet set up in each reminder and choose how frequently you want to receive the messages.

The reminder messages can be via email, push messages to your phone or as a calendar reminder.

You can edit the reminder whenever you need to and remove it when that treatment is no longer required.

MyVetProgram also contains hints and tips on different areas of pet care, from the frustration of tackling a flea infestation through to travelling abroad with your pet.

The app will also enable you to have your veterinary surgeons contact details to hand whenever you need some additional advice or order that next treatment.

The app features a range of practical information and advice including:

*Flea infestation and treatments – use this section to learn all there is on flea infestations and how to treat them. You can find out the tell tale signs.

*Why it is important to control flea populations and the different strategies you can use to keep fleas at bay.

*Worms and worming - learn about the different parasites that affect your pet and how to protect them

*Vaccination programs for your pet- the key diseases are outlined and the symptoms for each disease.

*Weight control is an increasing issue- the dangers are outlined here

*Age concern- learn about what to expect when your pet gets older and how you can help geriatric animals.

*Neutering- details and benefits

*Dental care- how to identify signs of poor oral health.