Results made mockery of the pollsters’ predictions

John Halewood Dodd.
John Halewood Dodd.

Last week’s election results certainly made a mockery of the predictions of the pollsters.

We were constantly told that the two main parties were neck and neck, and that as such we were heading for another hung parliament.

The pollsters had not been so wrong since 1992 when Conservative leader John Major remained in power, giving the Tories, against all the odds, a fourth consecutive election victory.

I remember it vividly as I was an undergraduate studying Law and Politics at Lancaster University. I, and a large number of my fellow students, had decided to remain up all night to watch the results come in.

We were anticipating a Labour victory, and thought this cause to celebrate. We settled in for the night at a campus bar hoping to party.

It soon turned out that the numerous snakebites and blacks that were downed were in fact drowning our sorrows.

By 4am it was obvious things were not going Labour’s way, and by now we were three sheets to the wind.

The triumphant Tories were becoming more and more irritating so it was decided our best policy would be to accept defeat and slope off as quietly as possible.

As we know policies don’t always get adhered to, and one of my mates decided that his parting shot would be to tip the contents of the ice bucket that had been holding their champagne over the head of the loudest, and most obnoxious Tory.

Amid raucous laughter, three mates and I stumbled into the night believing that we had exacted some form of revenge, and set off towards our student digs in Greaves. We only got as far as the university rugby pitches when we decided to sit down and take in everything that had happened.

The next thing I remember is waking up at 8.30am, dew sodden and extremely hungover. The sun was shining and briefly I hoped it had all been a bad dream. I woke my mates to have the harsh reality confirmed and then as now we had a Tory government to look forward to.

Why can’t the polls be right when you want them to be?