Playing truant to go visit little town of Comacchio


Those of you with a very long memory will probably remember me telling you about how grizzly Graziella got replaced by fab Francesco as Italian teacher at evening class here in Lancaster 
some years ago and how Francesco became my first husband.

Well, Francesco decided we should all spend a week in his home town of Bologna that April, so off we went – as a class of about 10 adults – to see the sights.

Bologna is, of course, a fantastic city, and I will enjoy telling you about it soon.

However, on this particular occasion, I rather naughtily ‘played truant’ from my class and fellow travellers, to go and visit the gorgeous little town of Comacchio, in the Po Delta, with ‘husband to be’ Francesco.

The others were thankfully far too engrossed in sightseeing to really notice, so I could enjoy ‘my day out’ thoroughly.

Feeling a bit like the 
female equivalent of Mr Ben, I soon transformed from student to ‘fidanzata’ in five minutes flat and strutted out.

Enjoying the warm breeze through the car window, sunglasses in place, I observed all the 
beautiful views on our journey.

To my delight, Comacchio is like a ‘little Venice’ and has a network of canals and bridges, as it is built on a lagoon.

There are great views to be seen of the trepponti (three bridges) and 19th century Palazzo Bellini, and I must say, whilst wandering canalside, you have the sense of being in Italian Legoland, with everything Venetian on a smaller 

This was delightful enough, but I was then taken to Porto Garibaldi, a lovely seaside resort nearby where I enjoyed eating at a beachside trattoria, with glorious spring sunshine adorning the views.

The area boasts seven beaches, no less, so is perfect for a quick getaway from city life, for Italians from Emilia Romagna.

After a few cafe stops on the return journey to 
Bologna, I was then reunited with my fellow students who had just returned from a sightseeing tour.

Perhaps a few readers were in that class and 

I have confessed.