One small step for Tom, 
one giant moment for me

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Mummy, I love him. Tom uttered these words this week to me about Stephen. Where do I start?

How can I put into words what I felt when Tom said this to me?

Let’s go back to when it happened.

We were all sat at the table eating our tea.

Stephen and Tom where sitting next to each other 
with me sitting opposite them.

Tom had started to lie down and kick his legs; he had accidentally brushed Stephen’s leg, so I told him to sit up as he might hurt Stephen and this would make him sad, although Stephen seemed to be oblivious to his behaviour.

So Tom sat up and 
popped a fish finger into his mouth.

A few seconds passed by and then he looked at me and put his head on Stephen’s shoulder.

He then put his arm around Stephen’s waist and in a clear voice said: “Mummy, I love him,”

He then carried on eating his fish fingers as if nothing significant had just happened, as if nothing had changed.

The world for me stood still, just for a fraction of a moment.

I could not believe what I had heard.

Tom has said on a few occasions, “Love you”, in response to us saying it to 

However this was totally different.

This was unprompted, he had sat and thought about his actions, and how he had kicked Stephen and possibly hurt him.

This took me by complete surprise.

Stephen made me smile as he just shrugged and carried on eating.

No big deal for him. He knows that Tom loves 

For me though this moment was huge.

Tom is a very affectionate and caring little boy 
and he does dearly love Stephen but to hear him articulate so clearly his feelings for him was something very special.

It will be forever etched in my memory