Not being on social media won’t stop complaining

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

I always write this column on a Sunday and today has been a perfect sunny Sunday.

I’ve been pottering and snoozing in the garden and I’m very excited to have bottled my first ever brew of nettle cordial.

I make nettle soup every spring but I found this recipe on a blog site called Eat Weeds.

If like me you have a good crop of nettles it’s well worth taking a look.

Last week I wrote that with so many of us busy sharing our thoughts and opinions who is taking the time to listen?

This is a particularly important issue for those running a business or delivering services. In the early days of social media a big fear for companies was what would happen if someone said something bad about them on their Facebook page or Twitter account.

My response; not having social media accounts does not stop people complaining about you, it just means that you won’t know about it – and that isn’t a good situation to be in.

This was really been brought home to me last week.

Back in April my fridge died.

I was still insured so I contacted the company.

Six weeks and three engineer visits later my fridge still doesn’t work.

As we were going round and round in circles I decided to pop over to Twitter to talk to them as that 
often leads to a quicker resolution.

I was surprised to discover they don’t have a twitter account, but what I did find was a lot of complaints - exactly like mine.

I’m not sure if the company don’t know how to listen or just can’t be bothered, but either way no-one is managing their online reputation.

As this has been going on for four years I just wish I’d checked before I bought it.

As you read this I’m very glad to say GCSEs will be coming to an end.

Did you hear about Hannah and her sweets on the news?

Last Thursday young people all over the UK were faced with a rather odd maths paper.

Bewildered many took to Twitter and in very creative and fun ways shared their experiences of some of the questions.

It was so popular that for the first time maths GCSE was ‘trending’ in the UK and even made the BBC news.

I’m glad they got their voices heard.

Have a great week and stay safe online.