No need to feel nervous about going to gym

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

Many of you may have been following us and reading our columns for a while now but have maybe done nothing about it for a quite simple reason.

You have a fear of entering a gym. Believe us when we say that you are not alone.

We all join the gym with the best of thoughts but many may use any excuse that they have to get out of attending

There are many people who may share the same nervousness and trepidation you may feel when it comes to attending a gym.

Today we’re going to give you a few ways of how you can help to control this state of mind in order to live the healthy lifestyle you so desire.

You know the feeling. Your friend may ask you to attend the gym, or a class in peak time, and you have an overwhelming feeling that all eyes are on you. They’re not. People are too busy concentrating on what they are doing to be concerned with whoever else has just entered the gym, or workout area.

That said, many gyms offer off-peak memberships and most gyms are very quiet during regular working hours in the morning and mid-afternoon.

Make this your time for working out.

We all join the gym with the best of thoughts but many may use any excuse that they have to get out of attending.

One of those excuses is that it may be a little distance away form your work or where you live. Join somewhere that is convenient to you and near to your workplace, or home, if you’re someone who either lacks motivation or fears attending the gym.

You’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Having some company in the gym may be just the thing you need to get you through the door. This can come from a friend, colleague, or a trainer. Join a facility that caters for more than one person at one time, and that has people within it, that are trying to achieve the same thing that you are.

Find some common ground. Not to mention, you’re accountable to someone else for not showing up.

If you already have that gym membership but it is still gathering dust, motivate yourself by investing in some new workout gear.

Buy something that will encourage you to want to work out and you’ll feel good wearing.

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