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Food in cupboard.
Food in cupboard.
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I’m seeing double and not entirely convinced it is a good thing.

I’m not referring to the double amount of time it took me to drive to work in appalling roadworks, or those annoying twins on X Factor, or even the impact of excess tweeting on my eyesight.

Instead I’m talking about my kitchen cupboard and my food bill.

As a sucker for a bargain and always on the lookout for a deal, I have an enormous soft spot for the phenomenon that is Buy One Get One Free.

Never mind that the soft spot I refer to is my waist line – if I can get two creamcakes for the price of one – why wouldn’t I? Never mind I went shopping for low-cal salad in the first place.

As a result my kitchen cupboards are bulging with food items that I don’t like or want.

When they seem such a bargain it would have been rude not to, irrelevant of the fact that they were not on my shopping list, will exceed my calorific requirements for the month, or that I’m forking out money for something I do not need – or in some cases had never even heard of. (I have a drawer full of frozen Thai pancakes ... me neither).

This means not just overbuying, but overstuffed cupboards and potentially overweight me. And I haven’t even started on the overdraft. I really do overdo it.

Obviously I can only applaud the – no doubt – really thin, really rich, person who came up with this concept. Virtually everything is available in BOGOF these insurance, furniture, school uniforms, even gym memberships.

But what is really at the crux of the matter is that we have all been conned.

Buying two packets of bacon for £2 when they were previously £1 each is not a deal – it’s a no deal.

Putting the price up to £1.20 for a week to justify the offer is a trick. We know it and yet we fall for it.

Well, I certainly do. every week. The supermarkets in particular have tapped into the British fear of missing out.

What is more, this preference for living life at the double is spilling out into all areas of my life.

I can’t eat just one chocolate biscuit, I have to have two.

Why set just one meeting, when I can have two back to back – never mind the time frame is the same.

One glass of wine ... no such thing...

So I have decided to try and return to sensible purchasing.

Twice is not so nice, so supermarkets please Bog Off...