Nibbling fish are a tiny incentive to tidy her room

ONCE upon a time, not that long ago, there used to be a little sticker on the back windscreen of my car that read “Dad’s Taxi”.

My daughters bought it for me on Father’s Day in 2008 for a laugh because, ho ho, they saw the little white Ford Fiesta as their own personal carriage to go wherever, whenever they wanted.

Then, one dark night a few months later, someone decided they didn’t feel like catching a train or a bus home to Preston and nicked my car and the sticker, drove it to Avenham Park and set it on fire.

Nicknamed the Millennium Fiesta after Han Solo’s spaceship in Star Wars, it had at its heart a 1.9 litre engine in a car that weighed little more than a biscuit tin.

See the Lancaster Guardian (11-03-11) for full story.