Mums and dads can relate to Peter Kay’s Car Share

Peter Kay stars in new sitcom Car Share with Sian Gibson.
Peter Kay stars in new sitcom Car Share with Sian Gibson.

One of the reasons Peter Kay’s Car Share has been such a massive hit is because millions of viewers can relate to it.

People stuck in a car, going somewhere they don’t particularly want to go and being forced to sit in close proximity to someone they wouldn’t ordinarily choose to spend time with.

Mums and dads, does that sound like the school run to you? It does to me. The main difference being our conversations are about 99.9999999 per cent less funny than Peter Kay and Sian Gibson’s but are strangely equally as ratty.

Let’s face it, nobody’s at their best first thing in a morning, particularly daughter #1 who has honed her pre-school routine to a fine art by crawling out of her pit at 8.05am and arriving at school 10 minutes before the bell goes.

There literally is no talking to her before noon. I fully expect she walks into her school’s staff room each morning, sticks a couple of slices of bread in the toaster and nips out for a quick fag while they’re browning without a word to anyone.

When I pulled her up on this laissez-faire attitude she said: “I’m not getting up early just to listen to one of your stories.” That’s me told then.

Because our children are now teenagers and enjoy a busier social life than we ever did, the school run is one of the few times we’re all in the same place together, albeit crawling around Lancaster in a lump of tin on wheels.

One of the advantages of this is the enforced listening of my music. In the last few weeks we’ve had Nirvana, The Strypes, The Black Keys and Frank Turner.

And thankfully some of my influence is starting to rub off, there’s no Justin 
Bieber or One Direction in my house.

Last week I heard Come As You Are and Lithium off Nevermind blaring out from daughter #1’s room and daughter #2 says she’s using Frank Turner’s atheist gospel Glory Hallelujah in her next RE project. Mission accomplished. Plus, daughter #2’s making her gig debut in York next week with me watching The Strypes whether she likes it or not.

You know what they say; spare the rock, spoil the child.