Mick Dennison column: Please don’t forget about your local pubs

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Putting this week’s column together, I turned to last week’s Visitor to put a different slant on a review and a letter.

In a town that has seen pubs closing at an alarming rate it was with trepidation we waited the arrival of a Marston’s national franchise – The Hurley Flyer. We read last week that it was the bee’s knees as far as pub restaurants go!

Give any local landlord in Morecambe the massive amounts of money that Marston’s have thrown at this project and the whole town would be buzzing – we’d probably even give free drinks away!

The aim now of the new kid on the block is to blow the opposition out of the water and be the only place people in Morecambe will choose to eat.

Remember, Marston’s will want to get the money back on the new build very quickly and probably even more aggressive marketing will result in what look like mouth-watering deals. Please don’t forget the smaller places though.

Local community pubs can’t compete with the likes of Toby Carvery, Wetherspoons, Marston’s and other franchised ‘pubs’ in the local area.

Look ahead to a time in the not too distant future of a town with no ‘locals’, where you have to walk or drive a longer distance for a quick pint.

There isn’t a venue available for a small christening, wedding or birthday party.

In franchised Morecambe the small pubs have all closed – just like the small shops!

I have a call to all ex-service personnel regarding Bill Hyde’s plea in the letters page.

Please get out and about this weekend and support all the activities centred around Armed Forces Weekend.

On Sunday we are parading at the clock tower at noon followed by a charity afternoon in the York at 3pm with Frank McGregor on the accordion.

Collections for the British Legion, H4H and a donation to MADUSA funds will be made.