Many benefits to Intermittent Fasting

Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.
Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.

This is one of dozens of requests that we’ve had to shine a little more light on certain subjects related to fitness, nutrition, and well-being.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the topic of this week’s column.

So what is IF? In basic terms, it is how and 
when you plan your meal times.

It has many benefits and there are a few different ways of using the IF method to attain your goals or 

One point to remember is that this is not some super duper diet plan. You are simply changing when 
you eat. At Fitness Formation we put a laser-like focus on fat loss and IF is a great way of losing weight and is one of the most popular reasons why people use this method.

In the main you do not adjust the amount you eat so you stick to your daily macro nutrient values generally speaking, as one of the 
main things a person wants to see and achieve is a lean physique as the result of fat loss.

In terms of fat loss there are two states the body goes through in order to initiate the response from the body and get you on the way to the results you desire.

The fed state is a process that happens when you begin to eat your meals 
and foods, and can last typically up to five hours after eating.

The body will then enter another state known as the post absorptive state, and around eight to 12 hours after eating, the body then enters the fasted state.

It’s within this state that the body begins to burn 
fat, as your insulin levels are much lower in this 
state than in the fed state where they are much 

Many people see great results with IF without drastically changing anything, as we said above.

Most people struggle to keep up with eating at regular intervals due to our lifestyles and daily activity so IF is a great way of getting your body into the fat burning zone that you may otherwise not be able to achieve using other methods.

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