'Evidence of failures growing'

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That’s what happens when you put the clowns in charge of the circus, they let all the lions and tigers escape.

The Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic so far can be described, at best, as shambolic.

If I worked on the NHS frontline and found out personal protective equipment (PPE) I needed was either in limbo in Turkey or sold to Europe by British firms because the Government had repeatedly ignored their offers of help, I’m not sure I’d turn up.

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And in lieu of the kit care staff need to do their jobs with some degree of safety, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock (pictured) sold them a badge for £1.20 instead. And then the website crashed so the carers couldn’t buy them anyway. There was a meme doing the rounds which read: “Have you been mis-sold PPE? Forced to wear bin bags? Third day of single-use gown? You may be eligible for a small token gesture. Call Matt Hancock now to avoid disappointment!”

Then there was Home Secretary Priti Patel’s absolute car crash of a daily press briefing when she said “sorry if people feel there have been failings” in the supply of protective equipment to doctors and nurses, as the bodies piled up in their thousands.

Worse? How could it possibly get any worse? Oh yeah, she also said there had been, “three hundred thousand, and thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand” tests for the virus.

Doesn’t exactly scream “Future Prime Minister”, does it? Unless, as one wag on Twitter put it, she screams it into the face of a terrified civil servant.

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So far, one of the few to emerge with their reputation not torn to shreds is Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who is doing his best to keep millions off the dole with his furlough scheme.

Mind you, the billions he’s pouring into the economy makes you realise that 10 years of austerity wasn’t a necessity, it was a choice.

Thing is, if Labour had won the last election, would Jeremy Corbyn (remember him?) have fared any better?

He’d have skipped Cobra meetings too, to chair the AGM of his allotment sub-committee on Zoom.