Laughter really is the best exercise

WHEN was the last time you really laughed? Laughed so hard and for so long that it physically hurt, and maybe a bit of wee came out because you just couldn’t stop.

Really? That long ago. You really should get out a bit more. All work and no play makes Jack a right old misery guts.

The only reason I mention it is because our eight-year-old daughter nearly died laughing last week – at me, in front of people, and this is how she did it.

After Total Fitness went belly up in the blink of an eye last month thousands of gym refugees have been roaming the streets in search of a room full of cross-trainers,

treadmills, spin bikes and weights to call their own where they can stave off their unwanted middle-age spread.

Before a gym will accept you as a member someone in a polo shirt and jogging pants carrying a lifestyle questionnaire will sit you down and ask some personal questions about your health and lifestyle.

I’m sure it’s a legal requirement but it always feels like they’re doing a risk assessment on you called ‘How Likely Is It That This Person Will Collapse And Die In Our Gym, Thereby Landing Us With Loads Of Unwanted Publicity In The Local Press?’

A bit like me this time last year at Total Fitness, only I didn’t die.

See the Lancaster Guardian (01-04-11) for full story.