John Halewood-Dodd column: It’s a funny old world that we all live in

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As criminal defence solicitors we often represent people when they’re at extremely low points in their lives, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

The phrase “Gallows humour” thankfully no longer has its literal meaning but even so it can prove difficult to raise a smile in times of adversity.

That said, on occasions, things happen that really are quite humorous, even if not always immediately apparent.

I recall representing a young man who was to be produced from the cells at court where the prosecution were seeking a remand to prison as the police had real concerns that he would abscond. It was said that he was homeless but he immediately informed me that he was staying with friends at a local riding school.

Without considering what I was saying I eagerly informed the magistrates that the riding school was a “stable” address for him to be bailed to.

Everyone,the client and I apart, found this to be most amusing but thankfully the magistrates granted him bail.

Another occasion that had all in raptures was when a male had been in Dalton Square exposing his manhood to female staff as they left the town hall.

The police were called and the offender was chased from the scene before he could adjust himself. The prosecutor was relaying the facts to the court following his guilty plea and she outlined how he had run through Dalton Square, across the road into Gage Street and with everything still on show he was caught up St Frances Passage.

Tales like this illustrate to me that even in the darkest of times we should all be prepared to see the funny side.