John Halewood-Dodd column: In it to win it or is taking part all that matters?

John Halewood-Dodd
John Halewood-Dodd
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In my profession the maxim that winning is everything has real significance as a solicitor would be unlikely to be successful if they did not win more cases than they lost.

As far as criminal defence work goes that success rate relates to trials and at this firm we collect data on that.

We have eight solicitors and each and every one of them has a success rate to be proud of, but obviously some are better than others.

A few years ago I decided to give an annual award to the solicitor who won the most trials.

It was supposed to motivate and be a bit of fun, 
but solicitors being the competitive lot that they are, it soon became apparent that this was an award that some of them were so keen to win that they would sell their grannies to do so.

In my spare time I, with the much appreciated help of others, manage a local youth football side (Highgrove Under 13s).

My middle son, Billy, plays for the team but I would have been involved in youth football regardless.

The reason that I mention this is that a debate rages, and has for many years, as to whether it’s the winning or the taking part that counts in sport.

Our team is not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, having won just two games last season, but the players turn up week in week out and seem to enjoy it.

In fact, I would say that I get more upset by our regular defeats than the majority of the players do!

Before I managed this team I did think that it was the winning that was all important, but not everyone can win and my view has changed completely.

I am now firmly of the view that it’s the taking part, and hopefully the enjoyment, in sport that we should concentrate on.