John Halewood-Dodd column: Here’s to a peaceful festive season

John Halewood Dodd
John Halewood Dodd

The season of goodwill is almost upon us but yet again December proves to be our busiest month of the year.

We are supposed to 
be experiencing times 
of joy with peace to all men but the increased number of criminal cases during the Christmas period suggests that the opposite is nearer the truth.

Early December sees a recognised increase in the number of arrests for shoplifting.

Those who can afford to will commence their Christmas shopping, whilst others begin acquiring presents 
by less conventional 

There is also a spike in other dishonesty offences as nowadays people will do almost anything as they succumb to the commercial pressures of Christmas.

Christmas drinks 
play a part in other offences, clearly evidenced by 
the annual drink drive 
campaigns. Increased levels of alcohol are also a significant contributory factor in 
relation to offences of 

It never ceases to amaze me how easily the spirit of Christmas is forgotten for 
the sake of a good kick-off, and I’m sure that this ‘Black Eyed Friday’ will be no different to previous years with large-scale disturbances taking place up and down the country.

We seem to be so accepting that violence accompanies the Christmas break that we now give the day a specific name.

I hope that this doesn’t come across as though I’m some sort of Grinch who hates Christmas.

Far from it as I love this time of year.

After all, criminal defence solicitors benefit from all of this mayhem and madness!

I’m joking of course, 
but on a serious note let’s hope that we are not overly busy and that everybody enjoys a peaceful and happy Christmas.