Jo Worgan column: Who needs the tooth fairy when you have a light saber

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Stephen’s 7th Birthday. We had a quiet day in on Saturday with Stephen enjoying all of his Star Wars goodies.

It has to be said that his most treasured gift was the green Lightsaber; it didn’t leave his side all day, apart from the few occasions when he allowed Tom to play with it. We had a lovely quiet day and Stephen enjoyed his requested Birthday tea ofsausage, chips and chocolate cake.

On Sunday we went to Johnny’s Fun Factory in Morecambe, a place that Tom knows and loves well, and celebrated with 13 of Stephen’s friends.

I have to say that Tom coped really well to my surprise and that of the other parents there.

To begin with he went off and happily played by himself without requesting my assistance.

He usually wants me to be with him.

Although he played by himself he was happy in the company of the other children, the majority of whom he did not know.

Another major achievement for him was that he sat at the table and ate his chips with a party hat on, with all the other children and was happy and settled doing so. He was an absolute star.

He also went and sat at the table with all of the children to sing Happy Birthday.

This was such a huge difference to last year when we celebrated Stephen’s birthday at the same venue.

Then he requested to sit by himself away from the other children and would not join in with the singing.

What a difference a year and a fantastic school make.It was also on Sunday, pre party, that Tom finally lost his wobbly tooth.

He was sitting next to Grandpa when I was told, ‘Jo, I think that Tom’s tooth has fell out’

So over I went and there was Tom holding his tooth.

He looked mildly upset and had a little grumble but once he read his social story about the tooth falling out he was fine.

So I popped his tooth into an envelope, addressed it to the tooth fairy and taped it to his bedroom door.

I have to say though that he didn’t look very impressed the following morning when he found a ‘golden coin’ inside.