Jo Worgan column: Tom sports brand new hair do - at long last

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Tom, my autistic son, does not like going to the hairdressers. We used to try and take him thinking that he would ‘get used to it’ and that in time he would be happy to go there but this sadly was not the case.

On our last attempt, last year, he became very distressed and while the lady was cutting his hair he started to shout, “Help, help, emergency, I need an ambulance”.

Although we saw the funny side to this – you have to otherwise you would end up crying – we also realised that trying to make him go and have his hair cut was cruel. So we decided that we would have to try and cut his hair at home.

Well, this also turned out to be problematic; we could not use scissors as he would move around too much and we were afraid of cutting him.

Andrew then bought a pair of clippers and decided to try and tell Tom that the buzzing sound was bees. He really likes bees and plays a bee game with Andrew, although nobody really understands the rules of this game.

However, this was also rather unsuccessful as Tom got distressed with the vibrations and noise from the clippers which resulted in him ending up with a very strange and lopsided hair do.

I made sure though that everyone knew that Daddy had done it.

So we decided to leave his hair for a little while as we did not want him to become physically distressed.

This was until the other weekend. Andrew had taken Stephen away to visit his parents and to attend a concert and so they stayed away overnight. This resulted in a very quiet weekend for me and Tom which resulted in a very relaxed Tom.

Therefore I seized this opportunity with both hands and asked Tom if I could cut his hair before he got into the shower. Well he totally surprised me.

He stood very still while I sang nursery rhymes and hacked his hair. His only remark was, “Look at all the hair, it’s on the floor”, but he was happy saying this.

So I managed to cut his hair and even if I say so myself, I didn’t do too bad a job.

I don’t think I will be going into hairdressing though. You are all safe.