Jo Worgan column: My pin-up boy graces front cover of magazine

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Tom is becoming a bit of a ‘pin-up’. Last March he was asked by the lovely ladies at Aukids magazine, a positive parenting magazine for parents who have children on the autistic spectrum, to be on their spring issue front cover.

This resulted in a fun day out at Boometang specialist soft play centre in Bury where we had lots of fun playing in the ball pool while his photograph was taken, and I have to say that he made a fantastic cover star.

All of the children featured in the magazine and on the cover are autistic, so they are ‘real’ children not models.

Well last week I got a phone call from my lovely friend and autism ambassador, Kevin Healey, who wanted to put me and Tom on his new billboard poster campaign, for his anti-autism bullying campaign.

He wants better laws to be in place for adults who are on the autistic spectrum, regarding bullying both via the Internet and in person.

The new billboard campaign is to be a national campaign via Clear Channel and will be seen by thousands of people. I could not believe it when Kevin phoned and asked me to be part of it with Tom.

I have been helping Kevin with his campaign for the past few months by contacting the media and MPs and Kevin wanted parents and their autistic children to be part of the new poster.

Therefore he asked me. To be honest it all still seems a bit surreal.

Anyway this then resulted in a frantic search for a photographer who could take our photo for the campaign.

Luckily we spoke to the lovely Mandy at Morecambe Photographic Services and she took our photo on Saturday. It was a very relaxed session and she was excellent with Tom and took a fantastic photo which will look very dramatic as part of the billboard poster.

Tom was on his best behaviour and with the bribery of ice cream afterwards he played his role very well.

I was also holding Tom so he could not escape! Stephen was very understanding while we were having out photo taken, and was ‘helping Tom’ by shouting at him to pull a ‘serious face’. He is such a superstar.