Jo Worgan column: Major milestone for Tom

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
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I was such a happy mum last week. The little things in life are absolutely humongous to us and need to be celebrated.

Today Tom wore ‘big boy pants’ at school; this is a huge achievement for Tom on so many levels.

We have been slowly toilet training Tom at his own rate and have been successful in him using the toilet independently at home, albeit with him wearing his pyjama bottoms.

He has flat out refused to wear ‘big boy pants’ at home so I have not pressured him; I have just been so happy that he wants and can use the toilet.

So when school suggested that Tom wear his ‘big boy pants’ at school after the half-term and that they would try to support us I was so very pleased.

Finally, I thought, we are slowly getting somewhere.

This time last year I could not have dreamed that he would not be wearing a nappy at school.

So on the first day back at school Tom set off in the taxi with ‘big boy pants’ and spare trousers in his bag.

Now he had been off school for a week so this in itself could have unsettled him.

He also had his new permanent travel escort with him so again a big change for him.

I therefore thought that his first day back at school would be an unsettled one. Well once again Tom proved me wrong.

He had a settled first day at school, wore his ‘big boy pants’ and used the toilet independently.

He only had one small accident while he was playing in the yard.

The rest of the week was also successful in him using the toilet.

They have to remind him every hour, as sometimes he is so focused upon a task or playing that he needs to be persuaded to go to the toilet, but on the whole he is doing fantastically well.

I am absolutely over the moon.

This is such an important achievement for Tom although when I praised him after his first day at school he was having none of it.

He simply looked at me and said: “Cheerios mum?”