Jo Worgan column: Little things in life make all the difference to us

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

I am sitting writing this week’s column in Costa Coffee in Lancaster.

Tom, my autistic son, is lying next to me on the comfy couch with his head on my knee playing ‘Cars’ on his DS.

He is very relaxed and as usual has kicked his shoes off and is munching on his ‘blue wafers‘.

It is a very quiet Sunday morning, it has just gone 10 o’clock and we have the whole of the upstairs to 

This has become our regular Sunday morning treat, and I have to say that I rather enjoy it. This morning so far has been really relaxed; he woke in such a happy mood.

In fact yesterday he was in a good mood all day, no trips to his room for time out so I know it was a good 

I did wake yesterday morning with a feeling of dread as the weather was awful and thought to myself ‘what on earth we are going to do today’?

However, my husband Andrew, who is a teacher, had a fantastic idea of going to his school to feed the fish.

While we were there the weather brightened for a bit so given the window of opportunity that we had we went to the playground there.

The boys were able to burn off some energy, although they both ended up with rather wet and soggy bottoms. So this morning has started on a good note.

When coffee has finished we will do a bit of shopping and then we will be back home for a visit from Granny and 

I do relish these quiet moments with Tom, especially when out and about, as it is making him aware of the 
outside world and he feels comfortable with it; this is such an achievement for him.

I know that he would not have been as relaxed if the coffee shop had been busier and that is why I like to take him earlier in the morning.

He likes the quiet and the feeling of space.

I am just happy that I can take him there and that he enjoys his ‘coffee juice’ treat.

The little things in life make a huge difference I feel.