Jo Worgan column: Let’s celebrate dads and all that they do

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

I just have to write about Father’s Day and what I am going to write will be happy and positive. Father’s day is for celebrating dads and that is what we did.

When my son Stephen woke up he was so excited to give his dad, Andrew, his presents and cards. Tom, who has autism, was more excited about wearing Andrew’s new Mr Men socks and chocolate ‘medallion’.

The boys gave Andrew chocolates, as well as a book by fantastic author and Twitter friend Mark Richards, or as he is better known by Stephen, ‘Best Dad I Can Be’.

Tom had made Andrew a card at school while Stephen made one at home. As usual though, when I tried to display the cards on the fireplace Tom insisted that they stay on the couch for him to look at. We had a quiet day; Andrew took Stephen to church while I whisked Tom to town for coffee juice and the ‘boat museum’.

For lunch we had a picnic and had a general dozy time. I think I had tired Tom out in the morning so the afternoon was a peaceful affair.

We did have a few moments though where he wanted to throw the newly-purchased plastic golf clubs and bash them on the floor – and in the snail house while being a ninja – but other than that a relatively cosy affair with us all just relaxing together, and the sun even came out to shine.

Dads should be celebrated for all that they do, and those dads who have children with additional needs should have extra celebrations.

It is not easy being a mum to a child with autism so it can’t be any different for a dad. Andrew works full-time, yes, so he is out of the house more and I do more of the caring but if he didn’t work, we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads.

He supports us financially but also emotionally. We can talk to each other about Tom and there is never any blame.

He also supports Stephen by giving him time out and treat days together.

He is fantastic with Tom. They play the little games together that ‘only dad can do’ and Tom really enjoys going for a drive with him, or to school to feed the fish; they have a very special relationship.

So let us celebrate dads and all they do to support the children in their lives.