Jo Worgan column: Easter Holiday delights

Jo Worgan
Jo Worgan

Well, the Easter holidays so far have been lovely.

A week has whizzed by already, the holidays always seem to pass so quickly. The main thing though is that Tom has been settled and happy.

We’ve had a mixture of planned days out and ‘chill out’ days at home, which I think have helped him.

We’ve also done those things that he enjoys, like going to the Maritime Museum and for juice and cake at the Novel Cafe, so trying to keep things as normal for him has definitely helped.

We also booked Tom into Unique Kids and Co holiday club on the Wednesday.

This is to allow him to spend the day with his peers, have fun and to give him that little bit of independence.

It also allows myself and Andrew to spend the day with Stephen, and last week we enjoyed a visit to a garden centre and Leighton Moss, Stephen loves the nature reserve and always asks to go there for his treat day.

Then of course we had the excitement of Easter.

Tom did not want to go to church on Easter Sunday so we respected this. So Andrew took Stephen, and I stayed at home with Tom and we had a relaxed morning.

Then, when they had returned from church we had the obligatory Easter egg hunt, or rather a hunt for chocolate rabbits and bugs!

However one bug is still missing as Andrew hid it a little too well.

Stephen had found all of his chocolates and he kindly gave Tom one of his bugs to Tom, saying that he had found it for him, as Tom was becoming upset as he could not find the last bug. This week will also be an exciting one as it is Tom’s 7th Birthday.

He has asked for a minion cake (from Despicable Me) so I am going to try my best to make one for him.

Yellow and blue icing have been bought.

He is so excited, every morning he examines his birthday countdown calendar to check how many days there are left!

My mum phoned the other day to speak to me, but Tom got to the phone first and he told her that his birthday is very soon and then asked her to sing Happy Birthday to him, which she did. He then said goodbye and put the phone down!