Jo Worgan column: Day out on train didn’t go quite like we’d planned

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Today is the first day of Stephen’s summer holidays. Tom does not break up until Wednesday.

Therefore, Andrew and I decided today to take Stephen out for a ‘treat day’, just the three of us – something which very rarely happens.

We decided that we would go to Carnforth Railway Station and have a train ride to Grange-over-Sands to feed the ducks and then once back at the station to visit the museum and have a ‘coffee juice’.

Well things never run smoothly do they? We got there and Andrew went to buy a parking ticket while I took Stephen to buy the train tickets.

We were told that they had cancelled the train and that the next train was not for another 70 minutes.

We therefore dashed outside to stop Andrew from buying the car parking ticket but alas it was too late.

So we decided to wait for the next train and have a ‘coffee juice’ and museum potter before getting the train. No problem we thought, we will just do things the other way round.

We enjoyed looking at the trains passing through the station, pottering around the museum and then we sat and had a relaxing drink before crossing over to wait on the platform.

This is when things went wrong. It was announced that the train was running five minutes late and then when it did arrive, all of two carriages I might add, it was absolutely packed. People had to stand in the aisle in both carriages.

I thought to myself that we wouldn’t be able to get on and this was reinforced when the guard opened the doors and declared that there was no more room.

My heart sank.

This therefore meant a trudge back to the ticket office for a refund.

I just felt so very sorry for Stephen; he was so looking forward to a train ride.

He was as ever though a trooper and understood completely what had happened. He was therefore more than happy with our decision to go to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve and fortunately a brilliant time was had by all.