Jo Worgan column: Christmas shopping is under way

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Last week I had an early half-term break with Andrew. The boys are off school this week so this meant that last week we had some time to ourselves, something which very rarely happens.

We used the week to get out and about and to mainly visit places that we cannot go to with Tom’

On Monday we went to Botany Bay and started the Christmas shopping. I always feel so much better when the first present has been bought.

We spent a couple of hours there and even enjoyed a leisurely coffee. It was really quite funny though as while we were sat there we both remarked how Tom would not be able to cope as it was too noisy and there was a lot of sensory stimulation going on. This is something which I never would have considered before Tom came along.

On Tuesday we decided to visit Barrow and to check out the Dock Museum for Tom. We always tend to do a ‘Tom check’ before visiting any new place with him.

Despite our very good intentions we had not planned very well as the museum closes, every Monday and Tuesday.

Now for us this was disappointing but we made the most of the day by buying yet more presents and drinking more coffee. For Tom though this would have been disastrous. If he had been with us he would have had a complete meltdown and not understood why the museum was not open. The funny thing is if we had taken Tom we would have checked the website before leaving the house to avoid any such distress.

The rest of the week was equally relaxing. We met a friend for lunch on Wednesday at Carnforth Railway Station. I just love the tearoom and I always feel like I am Laura Jesson from the film, Brief Encounter, when I am there.

On Thursday we met the occupational therapist at Tom’s school who had completed a sensory profile on him and we learned more on how to help with his sensory needs at home.

Then on Friday we had a lovely day with Stephen as he was off school. We took him to see his friend ‘Stan the T Rex’ in Manchester Museum, whom he adores.

So I really had a lovely week. This week the boys are on half-term so I shall share what we get up to next week with you.