Jo Worgan column: Change of diet seems to be doing the trick for Tom

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but Tom is on a Gluten Free (GF) diet. This was started with the advice and guidance of a paediatric dietician.

He has been GF since April last year and combined with drinking soya milk and not cow’s milk we saw a significant improvement in behaviour and bowel movements.

He was having four or five very loose stools a day.

This as I say has been his diet for well over a year but we still had concerns.

His stools, although less, still remained fairly loose and this certainly does not help with the whole getting out of nappies quest.

Anyway we had Tom’s annual review meeting at his school and we discussed Tom’s diet and it was suggested then that we also make his diet completely lactose free. To be honest this hasn’t been too difficult.

He does not eat yogurts or cheese and he only drinks soya milk.

We have only had to make a few changes.

Chocolate buttons are now dairy free, we use a non-dairy spread on his toast and when making his cakes.

Eating at home is easy; it is out and about that is difficult. We are though having fun exploring new places to go.

It was only this past weekend that we went to the Novel Cafe in Lancaster were he enjoyed an apple juice and GF chocolate cake.

He loved it there, especially as he could play with the toys.

What has been remarkable though is that in these past weeks since starting the new diet his bowel movers have become 

He is also now telling us when he has done a ‘poo’ and that he needs to go to the toilet for his nappy to be changed so that he does not get a ‘red bottom’.

This is huge progress for Tom.

So we have certainly made the right decision.

We just need to do a gluten free/lactose free tour of all the coffee shops and cafes now and then we’ll be all sorted.