Jo Worgan column: Back to school and I need not have worried at all

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
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My heart was beating 10 to the dozen; I woke with a feeling of both nervousness and utter dread. My stomach was in knots. Monday morning and Tom is back to school.

For any child going back to school after a break of six weeks it’s a big thing but for my Tom it is an enormous challenge.

I couldn’t help thinking, will he have a disturbed sleep? Will he be really anxious when he sees his school uniform and then go into meltdown? Will he wear his uniform? Will I get him into the minibus when it turns up?

Thankfully the morning went unexpectedly well. He did utter the words, ‘No Hillside today’, but this was more of a half-hearted whine. He did wake a little earlier than usual but had a settled night’s sleep and after our usual cuddle in bed he went downstairs with me and had his milk as usual followed by cornflakes.

So far so good I thought. The real test was the school uniform as this is a visual clue that he is really going to school.

He did though cooperate and let me dress him, much to my astonishment. This was though with one condition, that he could wear his ‘tiger’ dressing gown.

Now, he has not worn this all summer. It must be a form of comfort to him.

So I thought to myself, well if it lessens his anxieties then what does it matter?

The last hurdle was the whole ‘getting into the minibus’ task.

Luckily he stood in the hallway and looked out of the window, assisted by Stephen, to spot the minibus from afar.

On seeing it he took my hand, said goodbye to Stephen, and with a big smile on his face, yes there really was a big smile, he walked down the path and climbed on board.

Once Tom was seated he looked at me and said, ‘You go now’.

I was so happy.

So off he sent with his lovely escort Mandy. it didn’t seem six weeks since I has last waved him goodbye.

So it is safe to say that I am still in shock.

I shouldn’t have worried really should I?

Tomorrow as they say though, is another day.