Jo Worgan column: All’s quiet after half-term with boys

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

It has to be said that I enjoyed the half-term holidays with my boys although hand on heart, I am glad that they have gone back to school this week as we need to get back into our normal routine.

Tom has coped really well but he does struggle with the change of routine and this is shown in his behaviour as he tries to control situations and people. He will tell Stephen where to sit and what to play with and this can be extremely difficult as although we understand why he is doing this, to become less anxious as he is in control, we cannot 
let him rule the house like this.

Stephen is very understanding and caring towards Tom but we cannot let Tom dominate him in this way.

So I have tried to have a busy and active week, taking the boys out on bus rides and to the playground and for ‘coffee juice’.

I also booked Tom into the fantastic Unique Kidz and Co Holiday club for two days.

This was to give mainly Stephen a little bit of breathing space.

Andrew had the Monday off school so we enjoyed a quiet day at home and a stroll in Morecambe with of course a ‘coffee juice’.

On the Thursday when Tom was at Unique Kidz and Co I spent a lovely day with Stephen in town. We had lunch out and visited the ‘boat museum’. It was just so lovely to take our time and to not worry about Tom. I could focus my whole attention on Stephen.

I also knew at the same time that Tom was having fun and was being well cared for.

We also had some lovely ‘chill out’ times at home together. The boys really enjoy watching Ninjago at the moment on Netflix and will pretend to be Ninjas. Stephen will wear his Roman hat and Tom his Viking hat and they will pretend to fight using their plastic swords. It is highly amusing to watch.

On the whole they do play well together and it is at times like this that I realise just how close they are. They really do care for each other.

So back to school this week it is. It is lovely to get our old routine back but the house most definitely is a lot quieter without them. I will miss them.