Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well today has been a rather eventful day.

In the morning we went to Docker Park Farm, we had planned to go on Sunday morning but sadly a flat car battery stopped us.

Anyway, we love the farm, and the boys had a wonderful time there.

They enjoyed the new ‘sand area’ hay barn, soft play, bouncy castle, rides on bikes and tractors and of course the lovely animals.

They fed the goats and brushed the donkeys.

Tom was also excited to see the new baby chicks.

We even managed to grab some lunch for the boys, a bowl of chips each. Tom did complain a little bit at having to wait, although he happily sang songs that he had made up.

After lunch we then went to visit the woods near Andrew’s school in Sedbergh to do some ‘den building.’

Well things got off to a rather rocky start when he tried to reverse the car in order to park it and got stuck in the mud. We were going nowhere.

Luckily, we had passed a friendly farmer and his tractor just down the lane, so Andrew had to go back up the lane to ask for a tow.

Well the boys were made up when they saw the tractor approaching, Stephen shouting, “the tractor’s saved the day!” with Tom adding, “Thank you farmer.”

On our way down the lane from the now newly parked car, not in a muddy field, Tom spotted a dead rabbit lying on the road, and sadly asked “is it dead?”

To which we replied, “Yes it is Tom.” He then asked, “Was it run over?”

To which we quickly replied, “noooo Tom.” He then looked sad for about two seconds and then spent the remaining walk to the woods pretending to be a bouncing bunny rabbit.

Anyway once we had made it into the ‘deep dark woods’ as Tom called them, Andrew and Stephen had fun building their den, while Tom made a ‘band’.

This comprised of him bashing sticks onto tree branches, and singing about the Gruffalo. He had fun.

So the week has got off to a fantastic start. I just hope that we don’t get stuck in mud again as there might not be a friendly farmer on a tractor to help us next time.