Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

We were first introduced to the wonderful world of Minecraft at Christmas time.

Stephen had received a tablet device as a present and we were thinking about what apps we could put on it for him.

Andrew had heard John Humphries talking on Radio 4 about the huge benefits of Minecraft and of how much his son loved it. All I knew was that you could build things. Anyway we found out that you can pretty much play it anywhere. So we downloaded it for both of the boys.

Both boys are now addicted but what is fascinating to me, is that they both play this interactive game in very different ways.

Stephen is very careful and considers his world his home, he plays in construction mode.

Over the past few months he has built a log cabin, a house, a prison, a castle, a jungle, a forest, a shop, a roller coaster and has grown his own vegetables and reared or (spawned) his own animals.

Stephen likes the structure and creative side, being allowed to rear his animals and construct buildings.

But Tom, well I think that he likes it because there are no rules. He is a destroyer. He prefers to play in combat mode. He has allowed Stephen to build him a roller coaster but apart from that he is not interested in building a home for himself. Stephen has a bed in each of his homes, but when night time creeps into Tom’s world, he simply puts a bed on the ground, problem solved.

Therefore his world is dotted all over with beds.

He also enjoys fighting with the Endermen, four legged monsters, cave spiders and creepers as well as what he calls ‘zombie pigs’, he is not frightened of them.

The real beauty of Minecraft for Tom is that it engages him, for far longer than any other app.

He also cares about the animals and looks after them, especially the baby sheep, cows and chickens.

This is also good; he is learning about the world and looking after our animals that are in it.

I think that we should all play Minecraft. The world would be a much better place.