Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well the last week has been a fairly quiet one.

The boys are now both settled and happy at school and Stephen is very much looking forward to his overnight stay at Hadrian’s Wall, although he won’t be going until June.

I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot about this forthcoming trip of his. He is so excited as he loves all things Roman.

Stephen also brought home Star of the Week as he’s been making really good progress with his handwriting.

Tom had a really settled week last week at school and it was made even more fun with the arrival of snow.

We only had a very thin scattering of snow here, well it was more like sleet to be honest, but where his school is situated in Longridge there was a lot more snow for him to play with.

One of his school friends built a snowman which was quite impressive. I found in Tom’s school bag two lovely photographs of him stood enjoying the snow, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

When he returned home that day he asked me when he got out of the taxi if he could go sledging, but when I explained to him that there was no snow and therefore we wouldn’t be able to go sledging he was a little disappointed.

This weekend was also a pretty quiet one as I had a bit of a bad back which meant that I couldn’t really go out anywhere as I had to keep sitting down.

Tom was very considerate of this and kept rubbing my back, as did Stephen. So we spent a quiet weekend at home. Tom really enjoyed time in the garden; we haven’t been out there for a while due to the weather.

He’s really into snails at the moment, fuelled I think by watching Turbo the snail over on Netflix. He now wants to go and gather all the snails in the garden so that they can compete in snail races, but even though I tried to explain to him that it’s far too cold to find snails at this time of year as they are all hiding underground, he still wanted to explore to see if he could find any.

I think he will be really excited when the weather warms up and the snails start to appear.