Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well the past week has been a good one for Tom.

He seems to have settled back into school life after the Christmas break.

He received Star of the day last Wednesday, and on Friday he brought home a laminated certificate, telling us that he had been awarded Star of the Week for ‘settling back into class and welcoming people.’

He does struggle when visitors enter the classroom, and has in the past told them to get out, so for him to shake hands and say hello to the visitor in his classroom is a huge step.

He has also been more settled in the evenings at home. After a run around the house, usually comprising of two or three laps, once he has popped his pyjamas on of course, he will then sit and look at a book or play on his iPad until tea is ready.

He still won’t tell me about his day though, but that is ok. I understand that once he is home school has finished and should not be talked about.

This weekend though has been fantastic. On Saturday I took the boys to the Zone in town, where they enjoyed a fun couple of hours.

They were both well behaved and enjoyed zooming down the slide and diving into the ball pool. I was also especially proud of Tom as he happily shared popping the plastic balls into the vacuum like Henry contraption, with only a little prompting from myself.

Then in the afternoon, Andrew was home from work, so we all enjoyed a chilled afternoon, and the boys enjoyed spending time with their dad.

Then, on Sunday, the boys were visited by Granny and Grandpa and were utterly spoilt. Tom was on good form and enjoyed his day with them. That was until after tea time. Usually when their grandparents visit they go home either just before or after tea, but this weekend they stayed over Sunday night in a local hotel, and this really seemed to throw Tom, as it was not the usual routine.

He kept saying to them, ‘you go now, Granny and Grandpa, you go home,’ we all thought that this was hilarious, and although Tom was a little upset and anxious about this change, he soon settled.