Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well, on Sunday morning Tom woke up in a really good mood, he was rested I think after Saturday, as he had a really quiet day with just myself.

Andrew had taken Stephen to work with him and they had both enjoyed a visit around Lancaster Castle, as part of a school trip that Andrew was involved in.

Anyway, we really wanted to take Tom out somewhere as if it was up to him he would stay in the house all day in his pyjamas.

So when Andrew asked him where he would like to go, we were really surprised when he reeled off a list of his ‘best’ places. One such place was Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, situated just down the road from us in Milnthorpe.

I have not been for a while as it has become a place for Andrew to retreat to with Tom, mainly when I take Stephen out or when Stephen has been away with family and Andrew has wanted some ‘daddy and son’ bonding time.

However, Tom was adamant that we should all go, and I have to say that we all had a lovely time.

The centre is very relaxed and you are allowed to wander around at your own leisure. They do have talks given by members of staff as well as opportunities to hold the animals. For example, Stephen bravely held a snake, as did Andrew, but Tom was not interested in this. He wanted to go outside and play in the playground and see the Snow Leopards and the squirrels that are his ‘best.’

This however was ok; he absolutely loves the animals and all of the displays that are on offer. He particularly liked a tank that was displaying Spiny Skins - The Starfish Group, and did a brilliant impersonation of a brittle starfish while lying on the floor. He just kept repeating to himself, ‘I love it’ and ‘this is awesome.’

I would also like to say how helpful the lady was in the café and that she was very kind and helpful in us choosing a cake and snack for Tom. I have to say that the coffee is wonderful and that Tom really enjoyed his gluten free ginger cake, while Stephen wolfed down his carrot cake.

So I am sure that we will be visiting there again very soon.