Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well this week heralds the boys going back to school; the house will feel empty without them.

Andrew and Stephen have already gone back and so far Tom is coping really well. It is strange with just the two of us.

He is aware that he is going back to school this week and so far he has not mentioned that the school is on fire, so all is good.

He is also talking about his friends an awful lot, or as he calls them, ‘my heroes’ and this is a good sign.

I think he has missed them.

All over the holidays he has been incorporating them into stories.

All of us had a lovely day together on Monday; we just spent time together in the house. I took all of the decorations down, while Stephen ‘supervised’ and I gave the living room a much needed thorough clean, there was so much dust.

But by doing so, this helped prepare Tom for the next stage, that Christmas has finished and school begins.

I thought he may be a little upset with me taking the decorations down, and especially with removing the Christmas tree, but he didn’t seem overly bothered. He just stated, ‘Christmas has finished.’

It’s this transition though, from the Christmas holiday break to school, that is incredibly hard for him, he has had two and a bit weeks off school, and now he is being wrenched back into reality.

The daily taxi ride, doing his work boxes ,’ I don’t like work box, they are too tricky’, settling back into his school routine and learning to work with his peers, it must be a terrible shock to the system. We have been lucky though as

Stephen returned to school on Tuesday, so this at least has helped to prepare him for his return to school.

So it is with baited breath that I wait and see what his first day back at school will be like.

I know that he will be unsettled, as all the children will be, and it will take him a good week to get back into his old routine, but I know this will happen.

I just hope that I can get him dressed and into the taxi. I will let you know.