Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

Well this week heralds the New Year, and so I thought I would look back on the year and see what progress Tom has made and share it with you.

This year Tom wore his costume for his Christmas production and this is a huge step for him as he hates dressing up.

He actively joined in Sports Day and cheered on his fellow classmates, whom he now calls ‘my heroes’, this was a real lump in my throat moment.

He now understands that it is ok to lose your teeth as that is what happens and that the tooth fairy takes them away and gives you golden coins, he recently lost three teeth in a week.

Tom now uses the toilet independently (most of the time) and is happy to wear his big boy pants to school. We still have a few toilet issues but we are getting there and I shall share them in a future column.

Tom is more settled going to school. I no longer have to chase him around the house trying to wrestle him into his uniform.

We are slowly coming to realise that Tom probably has a photographic memory; we have thought this for a long time.

Just to give an example, Tom had a chocolate advent calendar with an assortment of chocolate shapes, such as a star, angel, tree, holly wreath, etc. I think that there were two or maybe three of each. Each day he opened the calendar he would tell us the day that the chocolate appeared. So one day he said something along the lines of, ‘star chocolate, this was 8 and 15.’ There were no visual clues on the calendar, so he must have remembered each chocolate and what day he opened it.

It is now much easier to go out and about with Tom. We still avoid busy and crowded places, but we no longer need to ‘block him’ as he no longer strikes out at people.

So Tom has made huge progress this past year and we are hugely proud of him, as I also am of Stephen. He too is a star, and I couldn’t ask for a more kind or helpful little boy, he is growing up too fast, they both are. Time goes so quickly.

So I am looking forward to 2015 and seeing what this year brings us as a family.