Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

Last week was the week of Christmas productions and Tuesday saw Tom’s Christmas production, this had a pantomime theme as he was performing in Aladdin.

He attends a specialist ASD school of around 70 pupils so the whole school takes part.

There was a young man who was the floor manager and in control of the music production, there were children involved with the props and working backstage and then of course there were the performers.

Tom’s class were the ‘acrobats’, what tends to happen is that each class or group of classes come out to perform and then go back to class, only the principal characters remain throughout.

So Tom’s class came out and sat on the stage in a line. Then each child performed a trick.

There was a strongman, a lion, a clown, ring master, someone who jumped through a ‘burning hoop’ and a plate spinner, who was Tom.

He had told us that he was a juggler. He stood up when it was his turn and spun his plates (paper ones attached to a stick, don’t panic) and seemed extremely proud and happy about himself. I still cannot believe that he wore his costume. Once the children had all performed they then walked back to class after he waved goodbye to us.

It was only a few minutes later as we were sat watching the show, that we heard Tom’s voice outside the hall. He wanted to go back in and see us.

His TA found us after the show and said he was fine and his report book told that he had a settled and happy day.

I was once again touched by just how special this school is and that we are incredibly lucky that Tom is there.

I was also touched by the level of support and solidarity among the other parents, grandparents etc. who sat in the audience. We all supported and cheered along the other children, all of us knowing how extremely special this performance was, we all shared a common understanding, it was such a lovely atmosphere.

I left the hall with a huge smile on my face and a spring to my step.