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Jo Worgan
Jo Worgan

Well this past weekend has been a good one.

The past week though for Tom has not been so good due to all of the Christmas build up and all of the anxieties that surround it. It is all change for him at the moment and he does not cope well with change.

This has resulted in him exhibiting challenging behaviour, although mainly at school. However we are incredibly lucky as the school Tom attends is an ASD specific school and are fantastic, they understand this change in behaviour and have strategies in place to deal with it.

I have tried to keep change to a minimum at home, I am going to put our decorations up slowly and the tree will not be out up until the end of next week, we still need to go and hack one down!

We usually wait until school has finished and the holidays have begun, so that the boys can help decorate the tree and so that Tom knows that Christmas is just around the corner.

If we put the tree up too early, this would only confuse him and cause greater anxieties. We do however use a Christmas countdown calendar, together with his chocolate advent calendar and this does seem to help.

I must just share with you though that he has been busy practicing with his class for the school’s Christmas production of Aladdin, apparently his class are all circus performers and he is a juggler, this makes me really smile, I just hope that he is not actually juggling.

In a polar opposite Stephen’s key stage 2 production this year is all about Christmas time during the First World War, so that will be an interesting production.

Anyway, we had a settled weekend. On Saturday we had a quiet day in, as I knew that this is what Tom needed, and we all had a lovely chill. Then on Sunday we went to Lakeland Motor Museum, which the boys adore and I have to say we all had a fantastic time. It wasn’t too busy and as usual I whizzed around with Tom while Andrew and Stephen completed the ‘car quiz’. So we are now down to the last two weeks of term.

Let’s hope that Tom is a little more settled.