Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

Last weekend was lots of fun as it was Stephen’s eighth birthday and we had a weekend of celebrations.

I just have to say that Tom coped really well with all the changes and disruption to his usual routine.

On Saturday we had booked the cinema room at the Gregson Centre so that Stephen could be with a few of his friends and celebrate his special day, although his birthday was on the Sunday.

He chose a dinosaur related film which the children really enjoyed, although Tom was not too impressed. He did cope fantastically well though and sat with the children enjoying his popcorn, juice and then later on chips.

He also joined in with the singing of Happy Birthday.

So Sunday was Stephen’s birthday and both boys were extremely excited, Tom woke at 4.30am wanting to see the presents and balloons although he did doze on and off until 6am, and Stephen woke just after 6.30am.

Tom was very good though and after exploring where all the presents were and the cake, I had made a dinosaur cake, he sat and waited patiently while Stephen opened his cards and then his presents.

His most treasured birthday gift I think was his Luke Skywalker action figure complete with green light sabre.

Stephen was really good though and allowed Tom to play with his Dinobot transformer. Stephen was also very happy with the cake that I had made him. He had told me that he wanted a Spinosaurus birthday cake, which I did my very best to do, although it did end up looking like a Stegosaurus.

He did tell me though that it was a fantastic Stegosaurus and that it was ‘the best dinosaur cake in the world’, it was of course gluten free.

Tom was pretty impressed with it too and was asking for his cake at 7.30am.

As it was the last Sunday in the month the Vue cinema was showing its Autism Friendly Screening of The Nut Job and as Tom is Squirrel mad he couldn’t wait to see it.

We did have a lovely weekend and I have to say that Tom was very well behaved for his brother’s birthday and we were all proud of him.