Jo Worgan column

Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.

On Saturday we popped into town for our usual jaunt.

We went to the Novel Cafe for cake and juice then we went and paid a visit to the Naughty Man at the City Museum as we hadn’t been for a few weeks, Tom likes to guess what miniature train will be running, I dread the day when that exhibition finishes.

We then went to the pet shop as I needed fish food, the boys love the pet shop as it means that they can look at all of the animals there, especially the gerbils.

At one point Tom got down on the floor and pretended to be one, he does a really good impersonation.

Tom though was in really good form and he had me and Stephen in stitches.

For example when walking past one of the banks in the high street, he suddenly said, “that’s the bank for villains”

I wondered what on earth he was on about until Stephen explained, “it’s the bank from Despicable Me mum”, they make me smile.

Anyway our final stop was the car shop, our usual trolley was available so Tom was strapped in and off we set.

Well, he was good as gold all-round the shop and quite happily sat there until we reached the frozen aisle section.

Now, don’t ask me why but Tom during the past few months likes the smell of the freezers and the cold.

So as soon as we approached the row of freezer cabinets, in search of tubby toast, he exclaimed, “I want to smell the cold.”

Oh no I thought to myself.

I parked him beside the freezer containing the frozen veg and told him, “here we go Tom, you can smell the cold.”

However he was having none of it and was asking to get out of the trolley, so that he could smell the cold.

So as to avoid a huge confrontation and for an easier life, I unstrapped him from the trolley, so that he could stand and put his head over the freezer and smell the cold.

However to my absolute horror, he tried to launch himself in, head first in order to get a belter smell.

So I now know that on our next trip there, he will be staying firmly put in the trolley.