Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

On Sunday Tom uttered these very words to me, “Is it Christmas?” My heart sank.

We had ventured into town for a potter in search of an escalator, a lift (he likes to take a ride up the escalators and down in the lift) and the Novel Cafe, in that order.

I only had Tom with me as it was Remembrance Sunday so Andrew had taken Stephen with him to the school’s church service, of which I was told was very touching.

So as I had Tom all to myself, we got the bus into town to have a little treat, he loves the gluten free cake at the Novel, of which he likes to call is ‘spongey cake’ and which I nearly ask for every time, and he enjoys playing with the toys.

There is a child friendly area upstairs with a box full of cars and trucks, so Tom is in his absolute element.

Anyway, as we were heading towards the cafe, walking down the high steer holding Tom’s hand, he suddenly looked up and said, “look mummy, look, pretties”

At first I thought he was referring to the pigeons that were perched on the rooftops, but when I looked up to follow his gaze, I noticed that he was looking at a line of miniature Christmas trees, festooned with twinkling lights.

“They are pretty Tom, they’re little Christmas trees” I told him, to which he replied, “is it Christmas?

It was at this point that I thought it must be very confusing for him.

We’ve just had Halloween and bonfire night with all of their associated decorations and now the shopping precincts and shops are littered with Christmas decorations and blasting out Christmas tunes to boot.

Even Starbucks, the other day, was playing ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’, I hung my head in shame when standing in the queue, I couldn’t even bring myself to buy an eggnog latte, not on the November 4.

So it must be very confusing for Tom, and I now know that we will have six more weeks of him asking, is it Christmas?

Thank goodness we have a Christmas Countdown visual calendar, I must go and root it put of the Christmas decorations box. Bah Humbug!