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Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.
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The half term holidays started early for us as Stephen broke up on Thursday last week.

Tom broke up on Friday. This meant that we had a whole day with Stephen and what a gorgeous day we had.

The day started once we had waved Tom off in the taxi just gone 8am. The door had barely closed before we all clambered to find our shoes and coats and headed for the car.

We all love Tom to bits but this was a rare opportunity for us and we wanted to make the most of the time that we had together.

So our first stop of the day was Tebay Services in Westmorland on our way to visit the water mill at Little Salkeld.

Stephen was made up to be having breakfast out and about and he happily munched on a sausage and bacon buttie washed down with some apple juice, mine with coffee. So once we had been fed, off we went to the water mill.

Little Salkeld Water Mill, located in Penrith, Cumbria, I have to say is an absolute gem. We decided to visit as Stephen wants a mill on his farm, the one he is going to keep during the weekend as a hobby, as he will be busy doing his palaeontology work during the week; we therefore decided to find the nearest mill for him to take a look at. Safe to say, he was not disappointed.

This working mill does self-guided tours and we were shown around the mill with the miller explaining all of the equipment to us. I think that Stephen was most impressed by the huge stone water wheel that will be a hundred years old next year.

During our visit Stephen also bought a book about the mill and he has had it in his hands ever since.

Following on from our lovely time at the mill, we then drove down the road to visit the Long Meg Stone Circle. Stephen loved it. He tried to count all of the stones but he lost count several times. He was most taken though with the Long Meg monument and its intricate carvings.

We truly did have a wonderful day with Stephen, doing the things that he wanted to do. We now have a whole week ahead to enjoy with Tom. If you are on half term this week, I hope that you have a good week too.