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Jo Worgan.
Jo Worgan.
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“My favourite place in the whole world.”

These were the words uttered by Tom in the car on our way home from Docker Park Farm. We had promised Tom last weekend that we would go to Docker Park and in true Tom style, he had not forgotten.

Sunday morning he was up bright and early after a ‘short sleep’, I think it was around 4am ish, asking to go to the farm.

So after breakfast we decided to go bright and early and arrived shortly after the farm had opened just after 10am.

On our arrival, and indeed before we had explained to Tom that there were now no owls and therefore no ‘owl race’ because the owl section has now been closed for winter.

However, on our arrival and while paying, there are now several ‘stuffed’ owls as a taxidermy display and Tom simply told us that they had been ‘Kraggled’ like in the new Lego Movie where President Business uses his Kraggle gun to glue everything in place, I found this very amusing.

Anyway, off the boys ran across the courtyard and into the hay barn.

This barn is filled with bales of hay in which the boys can hide, climb and tunnel through; it is a real boy’s delight.

So Andrew and I sat there while the boys happily played. They were safe and happy which meant that we could sit and relax.

There were animals of course, and Tom enjoyed feeding the goats and stroking the donkeys.

Stephen also enjoyed his time there and told us that when he is an adult, his hobby is going to be looking after a farm.

We ended our time at the farm sat in the cafe eating chips at Tom’s request.

He also particularly liked their wood burner and was mesmerised by the flickering flames.

We love Docker Park. We are always made welcome there and Tom is just another little boy running round and having fun.

The world of autism seems to be a million miles away.

So we look forward to our next visit.

Thank you Docker Park Farm and in the words of Tom, “it was my best”