Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

I always dread the beginning of school in September for the simple reason that I have to go and buy new school shoes for the boys, and in particular Tom, (I know that I am not alone in this.)

However last week, Tom and I had a really successful visit to the Clarks shoe shop in Lancaster.

My mum had taken Stephen for his shoes while he was visiting family back on the Wirral.

I had prepared Tom beforehand so that he would know what would be happening.

He had been told: “We will go to the shoe shop to measure your feet, then we will buy trainers, then car shop.’

Tom is allowed to wear trainers at school. So he knew exactly what was going to happen and seemed to be happy with this.

Especially with the prospect of buying a Hot Wheels car afterwards.

Clarks thankfully was not too busy, and we did not wait long for a lady to approach us with a foot measurer and IPad.

I just thought to myself, oh no.

Please don’t offer it to Tom, otherwise we are all doomed, however luckily she held on tightly to it, allowing Tom to choose his ‘character’ followed by him then stepping into the foot gauge.

She was extremely calm with him and allowed him to do his own thing.

Once we had been told his shoe size (13!) she then said she would bring us a selection of trainers to try on.

This is where the fun really begins I thought to myself.

Will he want to try them on? Fortunately he did.

The trouble was though that he loved the chosen pair so much; that he ran round the shop five times doing several laps of honour, until declaring that it was ‘the final lap’.

The poor lady did not know what to make of him, although she did look very bemused.

Tom told me that he now has ‘fast shoes’ and he will run at Hillside. Heaven help his new teacher.

So I would like to thank Clarks for their excellent service and understanding. You made buying a new pair of shoes a stress free experience for both of us.