Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Our much loved and well used Dyson sadly stopped working last week.

It had been slowly losing suction and I just knew that it would only be a matter of time before we would need to buy a new one. Anyway that day sadly arrived.

We therefore wondered what we should buy. Should we go for another Dyson, or opt for a completely new vacuum cleaner?

We decided to try out a different vacuum cleaner and opted to buy a ‘Henry’, we wondered what Tom would think of our new friend and addition to the family, as he is not a great fan of vacuum cleaners due to the loud noise that they emit, but his reaction on seeing Henry completely took us by surprise.

I am glad to say that Henry is now Tom’s new friend.

When Henry is needed for vacuuming up the copious amounts of cornflakes and other crumbs on the floor, Tom declares, “We need Henry, Henry! Henry! Come and have your breakfast”

We then dutifully have to plug Henry in so that we can feed him.

Tom then follows Henry around the room, patting his head and checking that he is ‘ok’.

Tom also talks to Henry. Last week Andrew was doing a lot of DIY in the hallway, so we had parked Henry there as he was often needed to vacuum up all the bits of plaster dust. Tom therefore went into the hallway and sat next to him in order to have a chat.

I am convinced that Tom believes that Henry is ‘real’, Henry has an open, honest and happy face and as Tom informs us, “Henry’s nose is the hose”, Stephen of course finds all of this absolutely hilarious and rolls his eyes at me adding, “what is he like mum!”

What is absolutely brilliant though is that Tom is no longer upset or distressed when we need to hoover up; in fact he takes an active role and puts the ‘boost’ on for extra power as well as using the hose to suck up all those pesky cornflakes. He really does love Henry.

Yesterday he was sat next to me mimicking the exact sound that Henry’s motor makes, it was surreal.

So we are extremely glad that we decided to buy a Henry, as is Tom.