Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Well, we are now into yet another week of the holidays, and I have to say that they are going rather quickly.

I can’t believe that it is August already and so far so good.

Tom was at Unique Kidz on Monday and is now much more settled when going. Andrew has been taking him and when they enter the building Tom tells him to not go in with him, saying, “You stay here dad!” Apparently Dads are not allowed in, only children!

We are however, still having the usual grumble of, “no Unique Kidz today” but once this is out of his system he is fine. Andrew is still in the middle of all things DIY, so while Tom was at holiday club, we had a fairly quiet day at home, although we did venture out to Homebase for a few bits and bobs, which Stephen really enjoyed.

We then went and had an early lunch at the Bay Window in Morecambe. Stephen was very happy with his sausage, chips and beans, followed by a huge dollop of chocolate ice cream. We were very good though and walked off our lunch by strolling home along the prom.

Tom was also in an incredibly happy mood when he returned home from holiday club. As usual he wanted his pyjamas back on and a bowl of cornflakes, but once that had all been sorted, he then enjoyed a play in the garden with Stephen.

They have so much fun in the garden, making up their own games. The latest game is that Stephen pretends to be an ‘old man’ and walks around the garden using a plastic golf club as a walking stick.

He then goes shopping and his latest instalment is to cut the grass with a plastic fork. Tom finds this absolutely hilarious and on Monday he told Stephen that the grass was his tea and that he should put it in a bowl, “Stephen that is a grass cake, eat it for your tea”, I really do wonder what the neighbours must think when they hear all of this going on.

Both boys have also fully immersed themselves in the newly released Lego Movie. I have to say though, that I quite enjoy watching it too. Mind you, so does Andrew; I think he secretly watches it while the boys are asleep.