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Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
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Well the school holidays officially started for Stephen last Friday at 1.30pm.

As soon as the school bell rang, he ran out of school, so very excited to have finished for the summer and was looking forward to the start of his holidays, or more importantly his week with granny and grandpa. He had been asking us all week if it was time to go there.

He loves going to granny and grandpa’s house and he has a full week of treats planned, with much Ice cream eating he has informed me. I think that there is an activity planned for each day. Tom breaks up this week and so therefore the house, so far, has been relatively quiet.

It is very strange without Stephen here, I keep expecting him to pop downstairs roaring like a dinosaur, and the fruit bowl is decidedly full.

Although I miss him, he needs this little break; it’s his special time that he gets to spend with his grandparents and to just be a little boy.

He doesn’t need to worry about Tom, as I know that he does.

In a way it is his respite time.

What is really interesting though is that although Tom knows that Stephen is away, every morning and occasionally in the daytime, he will ask, ‘where’s Stephen?’

We reassure him that Stephen is at granny and grandpas and that he will be home soon. Yesterday he said, ‘where’s my best friend?’ He really is missing him. However we have a few days planned for Tom at the end of the week, so he will be kept entertained.

We will be visiting the South Lakes Wildlife Park, which he loves, and then on Saturday we will be trying out the football session for children with autism spectrum conditions at Morecambe Football Club, so that should be fun, that is if we can get him out of his pyjamas on Saturday morning.

We will be reunited on Sunday with Stephen, as we are all going to celebrate granny’s 70th Birthday with the whole family, so this will be a very special occasion.

So we will enjoy our week with Tom, and look forward to the rest of the summer holidays. We have lots planned.