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Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
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We attended Tom’s Sports Day at Hillside School last Friday.

I was a little anxious beforehand and wondered how Tom would react to seeing us there but as usual I shouldn’t have worried.

We arrived there a little early, but we enjoyed watching the other classes with parents cheering on all of the children. It was such a lovely atmosphere to be part of; there was no competitiveness at all between the children.

Anyway, slowly Tom’s class emerged and I held my breath. How would he react upon seeing us? Would he join in? Would he try and run away (although he wouldn’t get very far).

Well, all I can say is that he had a fantastic time. He strolled into the playground and sat on his circle at the starting line. By this time he had clocked us, and I heard him say, “there’s my mummy” but he was very relaxed and happy, he had a huge smile plastered on his face.

So we sat and watched while Tom and the other five little boys ‘competed’ in several races. One was a running race, another hurdles and the funniest of all, the ‘balancing’ race, in which they had to walk with a small rubber ring on their head with outstretched arms.

It was during this race that Tom thought it would be a good idea to stop, wave hello, and then slowly carry on. There was absolutely no competitiveness. Tom came last in every race but he didn’t care and they all cheered each other on.

There was such a true ‘team spirit’. Tom needed a little bit of guidance from a member of staff, but he followed the instructions given and participated in each race, this was such a huge achievement for him.

At the end when all of the races had been completed, his class teacher, Jamie, told of how all the boys had cheered each other on and that because there was such a team spirit, they were all winners, and could each have their photograph taken while standing on the No 1 winner’s podium. Tom enjoyed this moment and did a victory pose.

I was so happy that Tom could participate and that it was such an enjoyable event for him. I was so very proud of him and his classmates.