Jo Worgan column

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

Last Thursday Tom’s school held FIFA World Cup Hillside.

This involved the whole school taking part in the football tournament with each class representing a country. Tom’s class represented Italy.

I had to send in a pair of white shorts and a navy t shirt for him to wear.

Anyway on Thursday when he came home from school there was a certificate in his bag to say that he had taken part and had commented in his book that Tom was very proud as his class had won.

When I asked Tom about this he smiled at me and said, “I saved the day”.

I had to laugh. He was indeed very proud and then continued to zoom around the house shouting, “Tom saved the day.”

Well the following day when Tom came home from school, when I opened the taxi door there he was sat clutching two large pieces of paper.

One was a cut out of a Knight, decorated with tin foil with a photograph of Tom’s face on it. This amazed me as I cannot get Tom to sit and make anything at home.

The second piece of paper turned out to be a photograph of Tom holding aloft his World Cup Trophy. They had captured Tom with his arm up in the air clutching the trophy for dear life in a celebratory pose with a huge smile plastered on his face.

This was truly a magical moment. A huge lump formed in my throat at the image of my little boy, totally relaxed and happy and enjoying this moment in time. This was very special to me.

Once again this proves just how important the right school, environment and interventions are for our children who are on the autistic spectrum.

Tom is thriving with the emphasis being placed upon what he can do and what he can achieve.

However, what about all of the other children out there who should be in this school or a similar ASD specific school but instead have been placed into mainstream schools and are struggling? There needs to be more provision for our children on the spectrum, more ASD specific schools and more specialist ASD units attached to mainstream schools.