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Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
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Oh where do I start with this story?

Poor Tom after school one day last week wanted to play on our old PlayStation 2, or as he has cleverly called it, the ‘pink Wii’.

Well the trouble was that it was not connected to the television as Andrew had plugged in the X Box for him to enjoy his favourite game of Hydro Thunder; this is a boat racing game.

The trouble was that I did not know how to connect it all back together again; all I could see was a tangle of wires.

I tried to persuade him to play his beloved Hydro Thunder, however he was set on wanting to play on his car racing game, ‘Rush the Rock’, and he could only do so on the pink Wii.

Well this then resulted in him asking all evening to play on the pink Wii and every single time he asked I had to reply that I did not know how to set it up.

“I’m sorry Tom; I don’t know how to put it on.” Oh dear.

He did not understand. He tried switching the television on, then he was sat with the controller in his hand, then he tried fiddling with all the remote controllers, you could see the cogs turning in his head, “why isn’t it working?” “It always works!”

Luckily the day this all happened was a sunny evening so I managed to coax him outside for a play in the garden and he had fun with Stephen running around and finding snails in the garden, but he did not forget, he even asked when he went to bed.

Anyway when Andrew got home I asked him and I now know how to set the pink Wii up.

I sometimes get complacent and forget Tom’s difficulties, we just do our thing at home I suppose, usually the same things and it is only when routine or the normal activities he enjoys change that his difficulties are brought to the forefront.

This was one of those times.

In his mind he always plays on the pink Wii when he comes home from school so he could not understand why he could not do so on this particular day.