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Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
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Last weekend Tom finally had a successful visit to the hairdresser.

We had prepared Tom for several days about his impending haircut and although he had shook his head and said “no haircut” he had not protested too much about it and this I took as a positive sign, so we thought to ourselves, let’s just give it a go and see what happens.

Stephen kept telling Tom that he would go first to show him what would happen and we also told Tom that there were toys for him to play with there.

Tom happily got dressed and walked out to the car saying, “haircut then home” to which we agreed.

Tom walked into the hairdressers quietly and went straight to the box of toys, with lots of cars inside while Stephen went and sat in the chair.

“Watch me Tom” he uttered, “It doesn’t hurt.”

However Tom was preoccupied with the cars but was very relaxed and happy. He did however pay attention when the hairdryer was switched on, he found that really funny.

Then it was his turn. Over he walked, popped onto the chair and started to laugh when the drape was put over him, “my hands are gone” he laughed, as they were now hidden. His attention was then focussed upon the clippers and shavers.

“No buzzy bee” he declared to which myself and the lovely hairdresser replied, “ no, its ok, no buzzy bee.”

What was really lovely was that she then hid all the buzzy bees under a towel so that he could no longer see them. This seemed to work and he sat fairly still while she cut his hair. He did remind her a few times that he did not want the buzzy bee and that he wanted his hair dried. So once finished she did indeed use the hairdryer.

I was proud of both my boys. Stephen for helping Tom and telling him what would happen, and for Tom who sat and allowed his hair to be cut. If I’m honest with you, I was completely stunned. I did not think he would sit still for long enough for his hair to be cut and more importantly there was no mention of needing an ambulance. The last time we took him he shouted that there was an emergency and that he needed the hospital.